Sell Your XJS

 We are always seeking quality XJS models from all over the world, should you have a vehicle for sale you can send us details using the form below.​
Please include as much information and as many images of the vehicle as possible, the more we receive the better understanding of your vehicle we will have.


 We require important information such as...​​ 


  • Overall description of the vehicle
  • Registration
  • As many images as possible (Highlighting key features both good and bad) This is really important
  • Service history
  • Mileage
  • Registration of the vehicle
  • How many owners the vehicle has had
  • If any modifications have been made to the vehicle that aren't apparent in the images
  • Your expected figure
  • ​HPI report (Not applicable but it helps)

Please fill out this form

The more information the better!

Send us some images

E-mail the images you have of your vehicle to and once received we will get back to you as soon as we can.